Susan Arkley

Managing Director

Susan Arkley

I'm known within the team for being the early bird - always up to catch the worm! I'm also what you might refer to as 'the face' of Source Telecom - when it's feasible to do so, I like to meet prospective and existing clients face-to-face. We're surrounded by technology (especially in this line of work) so it's nice to do business the old-fashioned way whenever possible.

Before I created Source Telecom I worked for one of the major networks for over a decade. I took everything I learned (good and bad) and created a company that values customer needs over profiteering tariffs; that creates a fresh, simple, and trusted customer experience instead of a faceless network experience. To  help me deliver on this, I've put together the best team of people to look after Source Telecom clients and they too come with a wealth of experience.

About Me

  • I started Source Telecom in December 2004
  • Source is my baby and I love watching it grow and expand
  • I'm determined, passionate, dedicated and focussed
  • Despite being an inexperienced runner, I've ran two 10k's, a half marathon, and also climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity
  • I'm a family girl and wear my heart on my sleeve
  • When I'm not buried under a mountain of paperwork you can find me dancing on top of it (in other words, I enjoy a good night out!)

Favourite Quote

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

What can I not function without at work?

My dream team.

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