Vehicle Tracking

Our innovative solutions for tracking your lone workers, fleet vehicles, and mobile devices can reduce your costs and help your business meet its regulatory obligations.

Reducing the risk: Safeguarding your business’ biggest assets

Source Telecom, with our technology partner, can offer your business complete visibility of your staff and fleet vehicles.

Our solutions for tracking your people, vehicles, and mobiles can help improve workforce time management, reduce your fleet fuel costs, and ensure you comply with your legal obligations.

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Lone Worker Protection

For businesses employing lone workers operating in remote or hazardous locations or entering areas that pose a risk to personal safety, Source Telecom’s smartphone solution will change the way you monitor these employees, and ensure you fulfil your regulatory obligations.

Here's a quick summary of what our lone worker protection app has to offer:


Easy to use - no specialist software or additional device is required. Reports are automated and therefore reduces the administrative burden on your business.

Safety First

Our app offers a routine welfare check-in and automated alarms to ensure your lone worker can request help and with a discrete panic alert activation, the alarm can be raised even if he or she is incapacitated.

Full Visibility

Live GPS positional updates, live mapping, real-time reporting.


The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Keeping you within the limits of the law

Our app automates processes that allow your business to demonstrate that you're fulfilling your legal obligations to your lone workers.

Peace of mind

Our app is British Standard Certified to BS8484 meaning the highest level of police response will be received.

Lone Worker Protection

Comprehensive fleet tracking

For fleets of all sizes, Source Telecom’s innovative fleet tracking and 3G video SmartCam incorporates a GPS, HD video, 3G connectivity, Android touch screen and Bluetooth. A future-proof solution, the SmartCam will provide your business with a range of benefits such as increased fuel savings, decreased wear and tear on your fleet vehicles, not to mention safeguarding your business against fleet misuse.

Here's a quick summary of what the Smart Cam has to offer:

HD Video Recording quality

Allowing you to assess and improve driver behaviour.

Visual and Audible speeding alerts

Improve driver behaviour and receive alerts when approaching a fixed speed camera.

3D HG Forward facing camera

Videos are sent and viewable within the secure admin portal and app, in real-time.

Accelerometer to detect changes in G-Force

Understand and improve driver behaviour as well as providing invaluable evidence in the event of an insurance claim.

Driver vehicle checklist

Offering effortless compliance with HSE guidance and duty of care to employees.

Android operating system

Future-proof solution with updates delivered remotely; no down-time.

Comprehensive fleet tracking

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