Office 365

We offer a powerful cloud-based tool to enable your staff to work, share and keep in touch using a platform that they’re already familiar with. Powered by the cloud, you can now enable your employees to work flexibly and remotely without compromising team working or professionalism.

Work from virtually anywhere on any device, online or offline

Microsoft Office 365 offers the same as the Office Application you're running on your desktop computers, and more. What's more, because Office 365 is powered by the cloud it means your employees can access files, applications, emails and calendars from virtually anywhere, instantly.

Office 365

Grows with you

Ideal for any business of any size, it's quick and easy to set up with one licence covering up to five PC's, Macs or tablets and use on any smartphone.

Easily share

Web-based apps allow your employees to view, share and save documents from any device that is connected to the web.

Auto Update

No need for inconvenient upgrades - Office 365 is always up-to-date and new features are added automatically.

Enterprise Tools

Businesses can take advantage of Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint as they are included in the package.

Remote Working

Enables your employees to work remotely but collaboratively - Office 365 allows them to get together virtually for online meetings or desktop sharing (it even has a virtual whiteboard!).

Simple and Secure

It's quick and easy to set up but, more importantly, it's safe and secure.

Office 365

Need help deciding if a cloud-based office could work for you and your business? Get in touch.

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