Hosted Phone Systems

Our internet-based alternative to traditional phone systems will simplify your business telecoms – they don’t require an incoming line to your premises and offer great flexibility.

Innovative technology for smarter call management

With a cloud-based telephone system there is no physical equipment on your premises other than handsets. The telephone service, which is based on a server located in a remote data centre, is delivered over the internet. For your business and employees, calls are answered, diverted, transferred in the same way they would be with a traditional telephone system.

Why choose a hosted system?

Businesses can enjoy many advantages by switching to one of our cloud-based telephone systems. Besides their easily controllable features, they provide an on-demand service with no hidden costs, and the ability to enable your staff to work more flexibly.

Additionally, not only does it remove almost all physical hardware from your premises, but the no start-up costs, affordable ongoing costs, and added flexibility make it a sound telecoms solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Horizon: A tried and tested solution

We pride ourselves on working with trusted partners, including Gamma and HighNet, to provide our customers with established and certified hosted telephony solutions. Horizon is a well-known and trusted product in the industry and we have many customers reaping benefits such as saving money, smarter working, and a greater ROI compared to their previous or traditional phone system.

Here are six reasons to choose Source:

No start-up costs

No dedicated switchboard or infrastructure cabling required with a cloud-based system.

Free upgrades

System updates are applied at network level, so a hosted phone system need never be replaced.

Low risk

Because the management and control of calls are handled from within the network, hosted systems provide more resilience and better options for business continuity. For example, if the power to your office is interrupted your hosted system will keep on managing your calls and routing them according to your requirements.

No moving expenses

If your business expands and you need to relocate to new premises you won't have to reconfigure costly ISDN lines or pay to keep your existing numbers - you take your existing handsets and plug them in at the new location.

Free calls

Take advantage of free calls within your network as well as free office-to-office calls if your business has multiple premises or employees that work remotely.

Cheap ongoing costs

Outgoing calls are cheaper on hosted systems than traditional telephone systems. Also, your business is only renting handsets which means no additional charges for ISDN lines.

Here are six reasons to choose Source:

Like the sound of this fresh alternative to traditional landlines? Then make the switch: Get in touch.

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