Business Mobiles

With over 60 years of collective experience in the telecoms industry, Source Telecom can be trusted to find a mobile solution to suit your business needs. Finding the right tariff is, possibly, more important that choosing the right handset.

Simple. Affordable. Secure. Keeping your business connected.

With reports that mobile phone users are wasting £5bn a year by being on the wrong tariff, there's never been a better time to talk to Source. Technology continues to change and diversify at a rapid rate.

The upside for your business is that it allows you to be more effective and gives your employees the potential to work more flexibly, connecting remotely from anywhere.

The downside: how do you effectively integrate mobile technology into your business systems? Which handsets? Which network? Which tariff? What about security?

Source Telecom can provide the right combination for your business. Our team has over 60 years of collective experience in the telecoms industry and can be depended on to find the right mobile solution to suit your business.

Here are six reasons why you can trust Source


We offer a wide choice of handsets, available on any network. We are partners with Vodafone, O2 and EE, and as such have access to dedicated staff working on our behalf. Source Telecom does not charge you for this service.


Forget the hassle and frustration of sourcing new phones - we can locate virtually any handset and deliver most devices within 24 hours of ordering.


We regularly audit your account and highlight any overspend or abuse. We then provide information or solutions to prevent this overspend from reoccurring. This is something the networks simply don't provide.

Exceptional customer service

Your business will have a dedicated team, based in Scotland, that will provide you with a fully managed service. Why hold on for 30 minutes in a queue to speak to the network when we can do it for you? This way you can concentrate on your own business needs.

Saving your business money

We identify the correct tariff for your usage and highlight possible savings. The networks still provide you with a monthly invoice that we review on your behalf. If we find any errors, we go the extra mile for customers and liaise with the billing teams and arrange credits, when applicable. When we gain your business, we want a long-term relationship with you so it's in our interest to continually drive cost efficiencies for your business.

Peace of mind

For even more control of your mobiles, we can provide you with the latest remote technology by way of Mobile Device Management (LINK) (MDM). This enables you to take centralised control of your mobile devices, offers rigorous device security, allows remote access to wipe devices and push applications out - not to mention a Global Tracking Facility - and it's all supported by a 24-hour helpdesk. Your business data is in safe hands with Source Telecom.

Here are six reasons why you can trust Source

Fresh. Simple. Trusted. Let Source keep your business connected. Get in touch.

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