If your business needs a safe and secure way to share sensitive files internally or externally then our online file storage solution could be the answer. With internet banking level security and seven levels of access, you can control how much of your confidential business information can be seen.

Safe and secure, inside and out

A simple, safe and powerful online tool, our solution for storing and sharing your business information also allows you to see (from any device) who's using and sharing it. With the same level of security as internet banking, we can assure you that your business files and data are in safe hands with Source Telecom. Now that's what we call peace of mind.

Advantages of Box

Sized to suit

Ideal for businesses of any size with storage options from 100GB to unlimited.


Ensures your confidential and sensitive information stays that way.

Access from anywhere

Access any of your files from anywhere, and quickly, using the app on your smartphone or tablet.


Online-based solution means you're always using the latest version and updates are automatic. We also use several data centres, so you won't suffer from server downtime unlike other online options.

Cloud editing

Cloud-editing enables your staff to be more efficient - no more 'download document > make change > save > upload new version'. Our solution manages the different versions, so your staff will always know which one is the latest.

Fixed cost

Manage the cash flow in your business - monthly costs are fixed; simply let us help you choose the right package for your business needs.

Advantages of Box

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