Use MiFi for an improved ‘working from home’ experience

Tuesday 12th February 2019

A survey has revealed that poor telecoms services prevent four million employees from working from home.

With more employees now taking advantage of agile or flexible working policies, the results make for grim reading:

  • 25% of UK employees have issues with their broadband/mobile services when working from home
  • As a result, 1 in 5 employees (20%) lost out on an opportunity or new business
  • 43% of UK employees have worked from home at least once in the past year, yet 58% (six in ten) have fallen foul of sluggish internet speeds and patchy call quality
  • Remote workers have spent a combined £190 million finding alternative ways to work with 16% heading to a local café, and 16% investing in a signal booster

If your employees work from home and can relate to the above symptoms, Source Telecom can provide you with a MiFi device – or in other words, mobile broadband Wi-Fi.

The MiFi device is not unlike a dongle – it’s light and portable and contains a mobile broadband SIM so it works on exactly the same mobile broadband deals as a dongle. The main difference between the MiFi device and a dongle though is that you need to keep your MiFi charged up (but once it’s charged it’ll give you the equivalent battery life to your laptop).


We will supply simple instructions to get your MiFi device set up and secured. The only prerequisite is that you have a mobile broadband signal.

Once it’s installed its own software on your business laptop or computer, you’ll be able to determine from the actual MiFi device what your signal strength is like, the connection it has established (3G, 4G, etc.) and how much data you’ve used.


If you are travelling with colleagues – perhaps to see a client or attend a conference – you can use the MiFi device to connect everyone’s laptop or tablet to the mobile broadband.

It also means you can track the amount of data used if you’re on a plan that shares the data allowance across the entire business account.

But be wary of travelling abroad and using the MiFi device – it’s not difficult to rack up a massive data bill if you’ve not contacted us about adding a data bolt-on to your account.

Put an end to the working from home internet nightmare and get in touch with us.

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