Snow, snow, go away

Monday 5th March 2018

Like the Source team, you probably had many (if not all!) of your employees working from home for 2-3 days last week. Did it impact on your productivity or profit?

If you follow us on social media you may have noticed our announcement about the Source Telecom office being closed Thursday and Friday due to the extreme weather, but we were all still working!

This was thanks to our hosted phone solution, Horizon. We quickly and easily diverted our office calls which meant the whole team could work safely from home, without disruption to the service we provide our customers.

We can offer a range of disaster-proof, scalable and flexible hosted telephony solutions. And with no start-up costs, free upgrades, cheaper ongoing costs, and free calls within your network – our solutions are a fresh alternative to traditional landlines. Not even the Beast From The East could stop the Dream Team!

Make the switch by contacting us on 01324 469146.

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