Twenty-five years of innovation

Saturday 6th August 2016

A knack for knowing what’s needed and when

I started Source Telecom in 2004, but had worked for one of the major service providers since the early 1990s so I know what’s good (and not so good!) about the telecoms industry. For me, starting my own company meant I could give customers a service that was built around what they needed and only when they needed it. This way they could keep an eye on their budgets and that’s why, I’m happy to say, my customer retention figures are impressive; even after all these years.

Twenty-five years of digital growth

The weekend marked a significant anniversary for the digital revolution. On August 6th 1991, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet, gave his creation to the world – free of charge. This invention transformed my life and yours in every way thinkable. The 1990s became a decade of firsts: emailing became the fastest way of sending documents, the mobile phone industry began its incredible acceleration, and online banking transformed the financial services industry. The Ethernet - as it was back then - was painstakingly slow by today’s standards but 20 years ago it was jaw-dropping!

With digital growth came additional but essential elements to services. For example, where would we be without the stringent checks that offer confidentiality and security when we send money electronically or use our phones to email private correspondence? Thankfully, these are part of a range of software packages that we create for our Source Telecom customers and because we use data servers that are UK-based, we remove the worry of storing sensitive information in countries that would compromise your privacy rights in a heartbeat if it served their own purposes.

Now, 25 years on, we rarely use what we call snail mail, we simply Skype or FaceTime our customers and loved ones. Websites and social media provide our shop fronts, and here at Source we are no different in that respect. Here I am, blogging about what’s important to me and my customers and our Twitter feed is a hive of activity that keeps everyone up-to-date with what the Source team is up to. (By the way, please follow our Twitter feed. It’s more than just business talk on there – you’ll receive updates about my Mount Kilimanjaro charity climb in aid of SAMH and Pancreatic Cancer Scotland). I have to say, however, that for me doing business face-to-face will always be my preferred option. It’s all about the relationships and building a partnership, and while I use the technology to make my business and my customers’ businesses successful, it all starts with a handshake and a sit-down. Mind you, when I’m powering up – or down – Kilimanjaro I’ll be using my smartphone to document my journey!

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