Traditional telephone landlines have an important role to play in your business

Saturday 4th February 2017

Traditional telephony has been losing ground by the internet onslaught of hosted telephony, but that doesn’t mean that a fixed landline cannot continue to play an important role in your telecoms solutions.

Traditional office based telephony is often the only option if you are located in an area without good data connections. It’s all about the connectivity (broadband is just one flavour of connectivity) but it counts for nothing if there isn’t enough fibre cabling in your area to guarantee strong speeds and robust signals.

Settling for just an okay service could be crippling your potential

Just because you use traditional telephony doesn’t mean you have to settle for a conventional service, where you encounter a problem and spend precious time trying to arrange – followed by the interminable wait - for an engineer’s visit during an impractical time slot.

There are businesses who use independent brokers for mobile solutions but go with major network providers for fixed landlines, without realising that an independent broker can provide a fixed landline service as well and can deliver a fully comprehensive suite of solutions.

At Source Telecom, we provide a better way of working for you. It is all down to our customer service and our pricing. We can always save you some money while delivering a superior customer service. So many of our customers have told us that they were sick and fed up of the network giants. It’s the service you get from Source Telecom that will make the difference to your business and your customers.

There’s peace of mind in knowing that your independent and impartial broker isn’t tied to a network. They should also carefully choose technology partners that are independent and impartial too, to guarantee their allegiance is to your business. With an independent broker like Source Telecom, what you get is an experienced team with a dedicated account handler whose job is to be there for you whenever and wherever they’re needed.

We can arrange an audit and put in place a range of solutions that will rival those of your network provider. The clincher for our customers, however, is we can combine traditional telephony with lots of clever features to complement and enhance their features. So, if you are coming to the end of your contract with a major network provider, it is time to review the service you’ve been receiving. If it hasn’t been as exceptional and as cost effective as you were promised, then give Source Telecom a call.

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