Solution Spotlight: Hosted Telephony

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Businesses large and small are reaping the benefits of cloud-based telephone systems. From more cost-effective communications to increased work productivity, one thing is for certain: having your head in the cloud makes good business sense.


Cuts down on clutter

With a cloud-based telephone system, the only physical equipment on your premises will be handsets. The telephone service, which is based on a server located in a remote data centre, is delivered over the internet. For your business and employees, calls are answered, diverted, transferred in the same way they would be with a traditional telephone system. Mobiles and other devices can be even be integrated into your hosted solution.

Lowers your costs

Besides their easily controllable features, a hosted phone system offers on-demand service with no hidden costs, low start-up costs, cheap ongoing costs, and added flexibility. As your business is only renting handsets (which means no additional charges for ISDN lines), no dedicated switchboard or infrastructure cabling is required with a cloud-based system – making it a sound telecoms solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Makes your business more resilient

Because the management and control of calls are handled from within the network, hosted phone systems provide more resilience and better options for business continuity. For example, if the power to your office is interrupted your hosted system will keep on managing your calls and routing them according to your requirements.

Refocus your IT team

With a hosted phone system, the up-keep of the system is managed by the provider at an off-site location. With the maintenance of your phone systems effectively outsourced, your in-house IT professionals can focus on other business areas.

Improves staff morale and productivity

With a greater need to strike a balance between work and personal life, remote working is becoming more common in practice and offering the opportunity for your staff to work from home is a great way to boost morale, productivity, and essentially, provide overall job satisfaction. A switch to a cloud-based telephone system will enable your staff to work more flexibly.

Grow, or move, your business without the expense

If your business expands and you need to relocate to new premises or open a new office, you won't have to reconfigure costly ISDN lines or pay to keep your existing numbers - you take your existing handsets and plug them in at the new location.

Free calls and cheaper outgoing calls

Take advantage of free calls within your network as well as free office-to-office calls if your business has multiple premises or employees that work remotely. Also, outgoing calls are cheaper on hosted systems than traditional telephone systems

Ready to consider a fresh alternative to traditional telephony?

Your phone system is integral to effective customer, and internal, communication. Contact Source Telecom today on 01324 469146 if you’d like to know more about how we can help you make the switch to a hosted telephone system.

When it’s down to the wire, Source Telecom will provide the telecoms solution that’s right for your business and budget. Convenience, efficiency and peace of mind; backed up with the best customer service and technical support.

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