Solution Spotlight: Business Mobiles

Friday 22nd March 2019

Maybe I'm biased (!) but I do know a lot of people agree with my school of thought: “choosing the right mobile phone is integral to business success”.

Finding and choosing the phone that's right for your business can be tricky, and if it's tricky then it's costly. How so? Because it’s taking up time and money that could be put to better use elsewhere in your business. So, for this Solution Spotlight, I'm going to look at what the expert minds at Source Telecom believe to be the best phones on the market when it comes to business use.


Is there such a thing as the perfect mobile for business? The players big and small are always improving their handsets, from the design and battery life to the apps and the storage capabilities. Unless you know exactly what you use your phone for and what you NEED it for then you require people to help you make that decision. At Source Telecom, that's what we do for our customers every single day.

We are at the stage now where mobile phones are fast replacing laptops and tablets as our main business tool. I use mine for everything from organising my appointments calendar and keeping in touch with connections, to tracking my exercise!


Apple, Google and Windows offer virtual assistants - from the iPhone's Siri and Google's assistant app to Samsung's Bixby. The latest handsets each offer a 5.5-inch display. They also boast individual versions of a fingerprint reader or scanner to ensure enhanced security. So, when do we see how they differ...?

The apps on offer are the most obvious place to start when it comes to comparing and contrasting our options. Both Google and Android boast upwards of 2,000,000 apps for you to choose from. If you opt for a Windows phone you'll find your range of apps seriously limited compared to its main rivals. Microsoft might be a constant in the land of PCs but they struggle with mobile apps. Having said that, what they lack in choice of app they make up for in robustness and reliability with enviable security features. If Apple and Google leave you unmoved and having more apps that you can shake a stick at doesn't float your business boat, then look to Window's Lumia 950. Its compatibility with MS software means you have access to the Windows Continuum, which allows you to connect your mobile to a monitor without needing a PC.


If you're worried about apps leaving you and your business vulnerable to the threat of malware and ransomware (check out my Solution Spotlight on our digi products here) then the iPhone is your best bet. Apple will always pre-approve every app that it recommends. This might appear restrictive and controlling but they do this to ensure they can monitor for security breaches. If you rely on your phone to help you run the financial side of your business, this is a comfort. Android, on the other hand, offers you choice beyond compare. Its open platform exposes you to a universal network of app options. The downside is that they cannot guarantee the same level of security. But if tailoring your phone to suit your business needs is a deal breaker then an Android phone wins, hands down. They are simple to customise whereas iPhone’s are linked specifically to their bespoke apps. If Google does it for you and you can't live without docs, drive or analytics, then stick with an Android.


If storage is a factor then the ability to expand is vital. Gone are the days when all we needed extra GBs for was to increase our playlist. If you use your phone for recording conferences or meetings, or you work in graphics, then the option of 256GB or 512GB (according to reports, coming in 2018 from Apple and Samsung) is an attractive selling point that all the market leaders are aware of. That said, you should always be mindful of your tariff allowances to ensure you’re not downloading excess info as charges can escalate very quickly.


Your office-based employees' needs are going to differ from your team out in the field, especially if travel is a key component of their working day. Differing roaming and data requirements require different solutions to prioritise and capitalise on the multitude of data and roaming allowances available. What suits your remote workers (e.g. network coverage) might be a waste for an office based worker. Rather than spend a fortune unwisely, Source Telecom can suggest multi-tariff, multi-network solutions throughout your company regardless of the number of your workforce.


Moto Z Play is a favourite for those of us who travel a lot and spend more time in a car or train or plane to meet our clients than we do sitting behind a conventional office desk. This phone negates the need to hunt down a power supply because of its powerful battery life.

Whatever you do, don't get bogged down in a business mobiles package that has no room for flexibility. If the terms you are offered are rigid to the point of debilitating then you need to reconsider your options. Our business mobile phone solutions can be moulded and remoulded to work with the ebb and flow of your business, from seasonal bursts and expansion to reviewing and regrouping. We will help you cut your business cloth accordingly on a monthly basis whether that's with Apple, Google or Windows.

#SwitchToSource. We can be trusted to connect you to the best business broadband, best business mobiles, best business landlines and everything in between.

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