Security: protecting your business, protecting your people (Part 2)

Monday 4th June 2018

In the first part of this blog, I talked about how the right mobile device management (MDM) solutions could protect your business and your customers’ confidential information - from bank account details to sensitive documentation. I’d now like to concentrate on the human aspects of MDM and look at how an ordinary mobile phone can, with the right solutions, offer so much more.

The safety of your employees is of paramount importance, and thanks to technology, the mobile phone they use for work can always tell you where they are. There will be some critics who argue that knowing the whereabouts of staff can sound like “Big Brother is watching you”, but it is important to state that this is not about checking to see if an employee is where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to be doing on company time. This is about ensuring your employee, especially remote workers, are not in areas or situations that could place them in danger.

Employee safety is paramount

Every single one of us values our personal safety and the ability to move about freely without fear of attack but it is unfortunate that we live in a world where we need to be extra vigilant. That’s why we have several key features that can put your mind at rest. When you choose an MDM solution from Source Telecom, we ensure that every single handset is equipped with devices that can be activated and deactivated if necessary. For example, what if you can’t contact a remote worker who has gone into an unknown area because their phone loses connectivity? Our out of contact solution uses a coded system that displays an agreed colour to alert us to this fact. After five mins of disconnection, we will try to reconnect. Usually this is the case, but on certain occasions it can alert us to a problem and with advanced GPS technology, we can act swiftly on your behalf.

The work and play crossover

You might have a team of 200, which means you need a handle on using all those handsets complete with all that important data. At Source Telecom, we can ring fence your usage in lots of ways. For example, you are at the airport for a business flight abroad. We will get an alert to that effect and can add a bolt-on to ensure you don’t get stung with costly European or international rates. The handset is an expensive business asset and therefore needs to be respected. This is why you or your IT or operations manager can monitor the handsets to ensure that employees are safe, but also to ensure there are no unnecessary costs. Many employees use their work phones for private purposes, and with companies now under scrutiny for how they treat their workforce, it is good to find a happy balance.

We can arrange a solution on certain devices where you can say what’s allowed and what’s not. It may be that you don’t mind your team using the handset outside of work, so during worktime apps like Facebook are locked out. We can monitor how much data is being used on a week by week basis. It’s true that lots of data is needed for Facebook, Google maps and the like, so we can see which apps have been used, and when, and if you need to cap the data usage, so be it. No one wants to come across as Draconian, but the priority is keeping overheads down. I always like to use the speed camera analogy. Once a driver knows it is there, they will adjust their speed accordingly. The same rule applies with a work phone that sees lots of personal use. When we are aware we have to be respectful, we are.

A mobile handset is more than a gateway to freedom for the once desk-bound worker. The advances in mobile device management security mean that it can keep you and your staff safe from harm, and a good boss will always go above and beyond the basic legal requirements to protect the safety and well-being of employees. They will also know that wriggle room for personal use is a sure-fire morale booster.

If you missed part 1 of Protecting your business, protecting your people, you can catch up here.

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