Security: protecting your business, protecting your people (Part 1)

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Mobile phones have transformed our world, from giving us the freedom to chat on the move to organising our lives. Such huge technological strides have been made that we are more likely to panic about leaving our handsets at home than our wallets, especially now that we can bank, buy and sell with our phones. With the advent of online transactions, ensuring our privacy is paramount. The same demands apply in business, we need to know that our most sensitive data and that of our customers, be it banking passwords or confidential documents, is as secure and protected as possible.

Ensuring you have secured the right level of protection for your mobiles is dependent on the type of solutions you choose. Instead of worrying about what’s best for your business, the smart money says get specialist advice. Hiring a customer-driven independent broker like Source Telecom can alleviate your worries and free you up to devote your precious tim e to your business.

When we begin working for you the first thing we do is carry out a thorough, detailed analysis of your needs. This allows our technology partners and your dedicated Source Telecom account handler to initiate a number of failsafe ways to protect you and your customers’ most sensitive data. For example, protecting the handset - and the important data it holds – from theft or getting lost.

Preventing a security breach: lockdown versus wipe

A handset has been lost. It might have been stolen or it has been misplaced and until you know exactly what has happened, the data it holds needs to be quarantined in case it falls into the wrong hands. At Source Telecom, we have extensive, advanced solutions that allow us to remotely deactivate the phone. We can lock it down or wipe it. If you think the phone might turn up, we can lock it down until you get it back. We can then restore the data. We can also install a template that says where the phone should be returned to. If the handset has been stolen this renders it useless to any unauthorised person.

If the phone cannot be located immediately and you are concerned that the data could be compromised, we can remotely wipe the handset. This means that all data, from passwords for emails and bank accounts to customers’ accounts, is erased forever. We can ensure this by contacting the server network to render the phone useless, so absolutely no security breaches, at any level, are possible.

Good mobile data management will also include top class ant-virus protection, which is now a necessity to combat cyber-attacks. Source Telecom encryption techniques meet the highest industry standard levels and because we host the security solution we can monitor it constantly. Other providers might access your services remotely, choosing to base them in countries like Asia to save on their costs, but we demand advanced levels of security that have been proven to be the most stringent. All our services are UK-based to allow immediate access should we need it. We don’t use US-based services because the US Government can access your data without your permission. This cannot happen in the UK and is yet another confidence booster that tells our customers and ultimately yours, that we take your privacy seriously. 

Navigating human error

We know that the biggest security issue always concerns some degree of human error. It is quite common for employees to forget to use or update their passwords. Setting aside the initial cost of the mobile phone as a business asset, it is the potential breach of the secure data that can cause sleepless nights. At Source Telecom, we can enforce a password policy if your employees have failed to do this, and ensure the correct procedure such as using a complicated system of letters and digits, and changing these monthly, is adhered to. When you can reassure your customers that your telecoms solutions follow strict, top level security measures to protect their sensitive information, it instils a welcome confidence in how you conduct business.

If you employ remote workers then locations services is vital to their safety, and the right telecoms solutions will assist you in this endeavour. You can read more about this next month in the second part of this blog.

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