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Wednesday 12th December 2018

Mobile Device Management, or MDM as it is more commonly known, is the suite of solutions we use to manage our mobiles, laptops, tablets or any electronic device at our service. A few years ago, when most of us were desk-bound in offices, electronic devices belonged exclusively to our employers and it was the task of the company’s IT personnel to monitor, update and protect them.

Fast forward a few years and the world of work has changed dramatically. Some of us remain at our desks but the number of company employees working part-time, freelancing, working from home and remotely has blossomed, transforming where, when and how we do business. There are many reasons for this seismic shift, but its backbone belongs to the rise of the smartphone and with it the MDM solutions that have revolutionised how we do business.

Be it Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry that you prefer, mobile technology has also revolutionised our work/life balance, with the lines between when we are working and when we’re enjoying downtime becoming blurred. (Who hasn’t popped on to one of any number of social media sites during company time?) There is now so much choice around what solutions to adopt that making the right decisions can be something of a minefield if you don’t know what you need. The challenge we face as business owners is how to manage this fast-paced, constantly evolving world without losing business.

When Sharing is Not Caring…

One of the main areas of concern is the misuse of data. Expensive data charges can cripple a small business that hasn’t protected itself against the horrors of uncapped shared data. This is when your network offers tariffs based on uncapped shared data that is available to all employees. This works if each employee monitors how much data they are using. But what happens if the monthly allowance is swallowed up by one or two employees accessing social media sites? That won’t stop the network charging you for all the additional data you use to run your business properly and, crucially, not alerting you to the fact that you are out of pocket. That surprise comes with the bill at month-end.

At Source Telecom, we aren’t in the business of shocking you, that’s why we suggest bolt-ons for our customers to allow you to monitor your data usage. Our MDM solutions include features that show you when you’re approaching your limit so you can reassess what you need. This means if you need additional data it’s yours without your overheads taking a battering.

We can even pre-configure your devices before you hand them over to your employees, which avoids user error but also stores a range of Apps including website filtering (to restrict Facebook use), global tracking, anti-virus software and password protection.

Protection is something we all need and mobile security has never been as crucial as it is in today’s business world. Our business mobiles must conform to the strictest security guidelines to protect our customers and our businesses. How we tailor and administrate our MDM solutions can regulate not only the devices your company owns and provides for your employees but also the solutions you offer for employees who use their own personal devices for work.

BYOD (yes, you’re right, it sounds like bring your own bottle!) but Bring Your Own Device is common practice for employees, simply because many people prefer to use their own phones.

We all have a duty of care to ensure sensitive work-related information is kept separate from our private lives. It works both ways too - who wants their personal life getting mixed up in a work email? Sadly, however, there are folk out there who do not pay close attention to security matters. That means the only way to ensure a failsafe security system is to adopt MDM solutions that are tailored specifically for your business needs.

Choosing the right apps and the right data has to be controlled by you without compromising your business or your employees’ privacy. With our expertise, we can separate your employees’ work from their play without compromising company security. For example, we can restrict the use of certain apps and access to sites that might compromise security. Or we can wipe data remotely if your company device is lost, stolen or hacked. In fact, our MDM solutions are so advanced that we can even tell you when your company’s devices are switched on or off!


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