Hosted Telephony: Why having your head in the cloud is good for business

Saturday 4th August 2018

Imagine you never had to worry about the space needed for desks, clunky office phones and their cabling, not to mention the IT specialists and engineers required to install and maintain the hardware and equipment. Imagine also, that you didn’t need a physical location, committing you to costly overheads like rent, electricity, heating, and building and contents insurance for business.

Not too long ago it would’ve been fair to say that you had your head in the clouds with such thoughts. Nowadays, thanks to cloud-based telephone systems, how you conduct business has been streamlined to save you time and money, enhance your professionalism and increase your profitability. Put simply, cloud-based services use the internet to provide and deliver your phone services.

Hosted telephony looks good professionally. It makes sense economically

Hosted telephony is ideal for all business types – from sole traders to large corporates - for several reasons. It’s affordable because it gives you precisely what you need. It does away with rental worries if physical space is at a premium. You can avoid a costly move which entails the removal and reinstallation of a traditional phone system with all its cables and engineers and site visits. Whether you’re a sole trader, an SME or a large company, there are no physical restrictions when it’s time to move premises. You just take your existing handsets and plug them in at your new location and you don’t pay to keep your number. Your company appears bigger yet it does away with the need for a front of house switchboard to manage your calls.

Customers can take advantage of free calls within their network, and free office-to-office calls for businesses spread over several sites; which is perfect if your warehouse and office are in two separate locations. Outgoing calls are cheaper too when customers use hosted telephony compared to traditional telephone systems. If there’s a power failure at your office, this won’t interrupt your hosted telephony system, as these services are delivered remotely, so you never miss a call.

Keep your head in the cloud, it’s good for business

Hosted telephony gives you the freedom to do business anywhere. You are no longer office bound or dependent on an office facility to manage your calls while you are out. Busy tones and frustrated customers are a thing of the past, as you can utilise a solution that keeps them up to date with specific recorded messages from you such as a new website offer or a new service.

Telecoms solutions come in so many different flavours nowadays that there’s no need to stick with a costly network provider. When you partner with us (you can switch for free) all we need is your postcode to tell you what’s best for you in terms of broadband, Wi-Fi, etc. It can be time consuming to work out the best package for your business when there’s so much technology out there, but at Source Telecom we create business-appropriate packages for our customers every day.

Like the sound of this fresh alternative to traditional landlines? Make the switch and contact us today on 01324 469146.

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