Fleet Management

Thursday 10th August 2017

Offering a service or a product to the public means that you must always be at the top of your game. There are many elements that go into achieving the perfect mix, and in this blog, I’m going to talk about a few of them. For me, keeping my customer's happy means ensuring they have the best products, services and expert advice at my disposal. For my customers, it means knowing that the services I provide will, in turn, protect their assets and their employees, which keep their customers happy and business booming.

Take GPS tracking for example. It has made our world so much safer and our businesses much more cost effective. We can track our company vehicles, eradicate theft, keep an eye on fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear, and most importantly know at all times where our employees are if they work alone and travel to isolated areas. We have systems that can choose the best journey routes to avoid traffic jams and in doing so fight the good fight against late deliveries, speeding fines or dangerous driving. Who wouldn’t want the technology that alerts your driver about the danger of on-coming weather–related incidents or road traffic accidents?

We have great feedback too about the benefits of our dashboard cameras. Insurance claims or allegations of reckless driving can be countered by the fact that the SmartCam SC700 records any sudden stops or jarring movements in your vehicle, providing a fail-safe way of knowing if laws have been compromised. For taxi companies it is much more than keeping vehicles in pristine condition; the SmartCam is a protection for both driver and passenger, acting as a deterrent to potential anti-social behaviour.

What I find interesting at the moment is the notion that the term ‘fleet management’ implies that the service is just for vehicles (or other forms of transport be it ships or planes!) and so is restricted to their actual road-worthy condition and the employees who drive them on behalf of the company. I’m thinking specifically about the construction industry, which definitely debunks this myth.

Construction industry personnel know that managing a project on the scale of, let’s say a housing development, is a colossal task requiring the best project coordination skills and techniques. It used to be the job of the project manager to keep tabs on timesheets and orders and spreadsheets to ensure crews (often a large squad of workers), heavy duty machinery and accompanying materials were sourced, travelled to and from the site and enabled to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently. The project needs to be executed with precision, from the arrival of the first digger to turn over the soil to the tarmac and paving team who lay the new roads and streets for each housing complex. A logistical nightmare for any gifted person at the best of times, but now we offer the software to assist the human element of this demanding job.

In addition to tracking vehicles and machinery to monitoring wear & tear and fuel consumption, you will be able to tell exactly what’s happening on site: if your assets are protected after hours, if goods are being delivered on time and utilised, if there’s been any downtime – what happened and how can you initiate repairs. The software means you can monitor every aspect of the project to keep within your budget and to your timescale. It lends a huge psychological boost when you realise that you won’t face time penalties for projects running over!

Susan Arkley is managing director and proprietor of Source Telecom. Based in central-Scotland and serving the whole of the United Kingdom, Susan and her team pride themselves on taking a fresh approach to telecoms, offering convenience and efficiency to make life simpler for their clients, and guarantee trusted and impartial advice; always.

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