Customer Service and the rise of robotics

Friday 8th March 2019

I read an article recently that stopped me in my tracks. It said that one of the country’s major network providers were giving serious thought to deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots at their company’s call centres. 

I’m no fan of faceless call centres and automated voice prompts, preferring to do business on a personal level, so this latest advance in technology is a step too far for me. Imagine - interacting with another human being would no longer be necessary when you check your data usage or upgrade your handset. Granted, we have the technology to install mobile App Managers that make life easier, from personal shopping and banking to remotely wiping a lost or stolen phone. In fact, it’s one of the many solutions we offer at Source Telecom. But here’s the clincher, whatever we do for our customers it is always grounded in our customer service beliefs. I don’t believe a robot can compete with the real deal.

You know that to succeed in business your service or product must be the best. So too is the service you provide for your customer during - and beyond - their business dealings with you. That’s certainly the code we live by at Source and it’s why we offer a range of solutions to enable our customers to do the same.


Our reputation thrives on providing you with a great product followed up with great customer service because that’s how I like to be treated. I have no patience for the “smile for you while you’re buying, forget you when you’ve paid” quick-sale customer service style. If I’m buying something I want it to be the best and if there’s a problem or I have a query, I want it sorted quickly and easily without challenge or confrontation. In return, I will offer customer loyalty. It’s that simple.

We have customers at Source Telecom who oversee a large workforce, we have other customers who are managing a micro business from their mobile and laptop. Their operating requirements are poles apart, yet they know they can rely on us to manage every aspect of their telecom solutions because we tailor it to suit precisely what they need, and when they need it.

Our success is as much to do with the after-care service we provide as it is with the devices and solutions we offer. We know this because every single one of our customers will tell you that Source is always there for them, from the moment we first meet to advise about choosing the right devices to making the right decisions about security measures.

We’re the best back-up in the business when it comes to people and assets, which enables you to concentrate on your business and your customers, offering them the same high level of service that you yourself receive from us.

There’s no getting away from the fact that AI robots are going to play an increasingly visible role in our modern society, but not where my business is concerned. I for one can guarantee that when you deal with the dream team at Source you’ll be speaking with another human being – someone you’re on a first name basis with – and not something created in a science fiction laboratory.

If you’d like to talk with a human being about your business’ telecom needs then get in touch.

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