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Thursday 4th October 2018

Choosing telecoms solutions that are perfect for your business

You’re in business because you want to provide a service or product that can’t be bettered by your competitors. It can be tough, lonely and scary but nothing beats being your own boss. Often, the trick to running a smooth operation is knowing that you and your team can’t do everything by yourselves, so that means out sourcing certain key elements of your operation to experts.

Getting your telecoms solutions right first time

Probably the most important of these is the telecoms solutions you choose. In a world where it’s all about communication, how we contact each other and make ourselves available to those who need us, is vital. You need a telecoms service that is cost effective, that helps you run your business as smoothly as possible and allows you to get on with giving your customers an excellent service. You’re not quite sure exactly what you need, but you choose a reputable network provider. Their ads are everywhere, offering amazing deals.

So, you sign up with a major network and they promise you the sun, moon and stars. You’ve got more whistles and bells than you know what to do with. And a contract lasting 2 years. Two whole years. A few months pass and you wonder if the package is right for you. You find you don’t need some of the solutions, and others aren’t performing how they should. It’s like being dazzled by a TV bundle package. All those brilliant films and fabulous channels in the comfort of your own home, but the bundle being sold to you by a very persuasive phone sales person, trained to upsell, belongs to a particular package. It costs more, but you’re told that it will be worth it. All those channels, you will have everything you need and lots more you never knew you needed!

Where’s the help when you need it?

The fact is, you’re using only a fraction of the service because it wasn’t designed to meet your exact needs and you were swayed by the sales pitch. In business, choosing your telecoms solutions from a network provider can have many similar and costly frustrations as the TV package. Signing up was so easy, the salesperson was so helpful, but now, when you need to speak to someone about getting the right solutions or to report a problem, you find yourself in a phone queue...

We’ve all been there, and we know it’s an infuriating time waster. You navigate the automated voice commands. You speak to someone whose job is to transfer you to the right department. That person doesn’t have the skills base to help you, so they transfer you to another department, and on it goes. You’re supposed to be running your business, giving your customers a superb service, but this is what you’re paying for: a ‘specialist’ team that’s really just a call centre on the other side of the world staffed by underpaid people who lack the training and expertise to transform your problems into solutions. It’s not the call centre staff’s fault, but it is the fault of the network provider who has outsourced this vital element of your telecoms service. That’s hardly a personalised service is it? The sheen of a once seemingly reasonable monthly tariff is now well and truly tarnished. You’ve a business to run, you can’t be doing with this poor standard of service. This doesn’t mean it is too late to look elsewhere for a better service and deal.

Independent brokers can save you money and help your business succeed

The best way to ensure your business doesn’t end up paying a faceless company over the odds for lots of services you don’t need is to choose an independent broker. Companies like Source Telecom, which I own and run, refuse to use call centres to ensure customers have consistency with real, actual people and build proper working relationships. Just a few minutes on the phone or in person (a top notch independent broker will visit you at your convenience) with an impartial telecoms solutions expert and the difference is wonderfully refreshing. Source Telecom is based in Scotland with customers throughout the UK. With 60 years’ collective experience, we are the experts in our field and knowledgeable about the pitfalls of a one-size-fits-all mentality. Our reputation depends on getting you the right solutions at the right price. We can only do this by getting to know you and exploring what is best for you.

What’s more, a confident, reputable independent broker doesn’t need to tie you in to a lengthy and costly 24 month contract. Source Telecom, for example, will regularly audit your account to ensure the telecoms solutions are being utilised and that you are on the right tariff. If it transpires that there’s a solution you don’t need or you’re paying for data storage you don’t use, then your bill will be adjusted to reflect the fluidity of your business needs. 

Making the switch from a network provider to an independent broker: What's in it for you?

Independent brokers like Source Telecom are customer driven. We don’t sign you up and blindly hope that the solutions package is just okay for you. The only thing we want you to get on with is running your business and leaving us to take care of your telecoms solutions. The networks won’t point out mistakes like overcharging you because they have you on the wrong tariff. Usually, businesses unwittingly pay for solutions they don’t use. When you switch to Source Telecom the first thing we do is check to see if you are paying too much to your network provider. We’ve an impressive track record in recovering £1000s of customers’ money from network providers.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, if you’re a start-up, expanding or even downsizing, an independent broker should guarantee you a bespoke experience. I had over a decade’s experience working for a major network provider before I set up Source Telecom in 2004. I pride myself on offering great customer service with stellar technology support and I will never do business any other way. 

I know that networks won’t look after you with the dedicated level of service you get from an independent broker. Just see what happens when you ask your network provider to pop in to see you or you request to speak to the same person twice…

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