Mobile Device Management

Source Telecom’s MDM solution has the capacity to manage and support volumes of users operating across the full range of devices and networks, including Android, iOS and Windows.

This solution helps you measure levels of productivity within your business, wherever your workforce is. It has the ability to analyse your mobiles’ real-time call and text traffic and with just one application you can manage, track, support and secure all your devices at one time.

Talk to us to arrange a demo and we can show you the full range of benefits, such as:

Anti Virus

Scan applications on devices, and quarantine infected documents before it affects your business devices.


Locate a lost or stolen device anywhere in the world – you can then wipe all data remotely


Track one or all your devices, or view your fleets historical routes, perhaps in order to distribute workloads. You can also track speeds the device was going at that time.


This allows you to put a ‘fence’ around a specific location/country and assign rules for when each device enters or leaves the fence.

Remote Wipe

If a device is lost or stolen or a staff member doesn't return the phone, you can remotely wipe the device to protect information.

Web Filtering

Block specific websites on your devices.

Send Messages

Send multiple messages to all staff and you’ll know when everyone has seen it as they have to confirm receipt.


There are hundreds of options of reports you can access (for example, location history, data used, battery history, inactive devices and even if devices are turned off!).

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