Hosted Phone System

The new technology is a hosted telephone system which allows you to make and receive calls through an internet connection (VoIP), rather than a traditional phone line. There are many benefits and features to hosted phone systems and allow you to reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve efficiency. 

With many employees now working from home, hosted phone systems allow users to feel like they are in the office, calling out displaying their work number, with callers none the wiser of their location. Also known as a cloud system, its much more cost-effective than a traditional phone system. This is mainly due to the fact that you are paying for a licence rather than per minute.

What is Voice Over IP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses digital technology, which allows you to make calls via an internet connection, rather than a traditional phone line. Unlike a traditional phone system, these calls can be made from your computer or mobile.  You can connect and use from anywhere with a stable internet connection, giving you the freedom to make and receive work calls on the go, from anywhere.

With a VoIP phone system, you can transfer your current business number over and even create new, geographically specific numbers to help you target the right demographic of customer and help establish trust in your brand.

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