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Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Alternatives to Google Maps

Said goodbye to SatNav but hate Google Maps?

You’re not alone; it’s a common complaint!

Yes, we may have disposed of the chunky GPS and whilst Google Maps is undoubtedly leader of the pack of online maps, there are alternatives out there.

We’ve compiled a list for you to road test – don’t forget to send us your feedback or tag us in a Tweet when you take your next journey using one these…



  • Totally offline – no internet connection required, no roaming charges to pay
  • Worldwide – maps.me promises you can have the entire world in your pocket
  • Really fast – zoom in and out smoothly, the map never freezes or becomes a blank square
  • Very detailed – discover thousands of points of interest

Available from
Google play, App Store, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry, and other Android platforms

More info: http://maps.me/en/home



  • Hassle free driving – turn-by-turn navigation at your finger tips
  • Real-time warnings about congestion, accidents, and other hazards allow you to save time and avoid delays
  • Private dashboard promises to let you keep track of where you’ve been, mileage driven and overall driving performance

Available from
Google play, App Store, Windows Store, BlackBerry

More info: http://navmii.com/



  • Comprehensive on-the-go app that promises to connect all modes of transportation (from helping you find a taxi or providing public transport information) to get consumers to their destination on time and without hassle

Android and iOS apps, Windows Desktop

More info: https://here.com/en/products-services

Sygic Maps


  • Navigate over 200 countries with or without internet connection
  • Superior traffic information, powered by TomTom
  • Daily warnings for over 30,000 speed cameras and speed limits
  • Head-Up Display allows you to project navigation onto the windshield of your car at night

Available from
Googleplay, App Store, Windows Store

More info: https://www.sygic.com/gps-navigation

smAND Navigation


  • Works completely offline but also has a fast, online option
  • Turn-by-turn voice guidance
  • Traffic warning announcements – stop signs, pedestrian crossings, speed limit
  • Optional lane guidance, street name display, and estimated time of arrival

Available from
Amazon Appstore, Google play, App Store

More info: http://osmand.net/

Apple Maps


  • Proactive suggestions – Maps promises to predict the places you’re likely to go and suggests the fastest way to get there
  • Apps within Maps – without leaving the Maps app, you can make table reservations and even add it to your calendar, or arrange an Uber to help get you there
  • Turn-by-turn, spoken directions and new, easier-to-read visuals
  • Public transit information for subways, buses, trains, and ferries - with lines and stations shown on the map


More info: http://www.apple.com/ios/maps/



  • Other drivers in your area share real-time traffic and road info to make this a “social” nav app
  • Co-ordinate arrival and pick-up times or see other friends driving to your destination when you connect Waze with Facebook
  • Save on fuel by navigating to the cheapest station on your route as reported by fellow Waze drivers

Android, iOS

More info: https://www.waze.com/en-GB/


  • High-quality offline maps with free regular map updates – goodbye high data costs and interrupted service
  • Up to 3 alternative routes offered with trip time and distance info for each to help you find the best way
  • Discover what’s around you – car parks, petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, and more
  • Distraction-free driving thanks to 2D and 3D map views plus lane indicator arrows to help you navigate the most complex interchanges

Android, iOS

More info: https://copilotgps.com/en-gb/car-navigation

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