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Tuesday 30th August 2016

Solution Spotlight: GPS Tracking

Source Telecom can offer your business comprehensive tracking for your lone working staff and your fleet. But what is GPS tracking, and how can it help your business? Find out more in our latest Solution Spotlight.

About our GPS solutions

If your business requires staff to work alone, or operate in remote/hazardous locations, or enter areas that pose a risk to personal safety then you have a legal obligation to ensure their health and safety. Our lone worker protection app gives you full visibility of your employees through features such as a welfare check-in, panic alert, live positional updates, real-time reporting, etc. and is BSC certified meaning the highest level of police response will be received.

Vehicle tracking, quite simply, allows you to see where your fleet vehicles are 24 hours a day. It also allows you to see the routes taken by drivers, avoids the need for time-consuming check-in phone calls, and safeguards your business against fleet misuse, such as an employee borrowing the company van at the weekend.

Why is GPS tracking crucial for your business?

It’s not a case of “Big Brother is watching”; it’s about protecting your business’ assets, reducing costs and maximising profits. Here are just a few examples of how our products could help your business.

Save money while your vehicles are on the road

Speeding drivers, unscheduled pit-stops, misuse of the company car or van by staff on the weekends. It all adds up to costing your business precious time and money.

GPS tracking will improve business efficiency – it’ll promote better driver performance, improve fuel consumption, and deter misuse of vehicles outwith company hours.

Improve your customer service standards

From couriers to taxi’s – customers don’t like to be kept waiting. GPS tracking will ensure you meet, or even exceed, delivery and wait times. Minimising the time your customers are waiting to receive your goods or services can only improve their experience of your business. A good experience means repeat business.

Increased efficiency = increased revenue

Do you know the routes your vehicles are taking? Are your drivers popping to the shops when they’re out in your vehicles? GPS tracking will monitor the time it takes to get from A to B so that you can make journeys more efficient. In doing this, you can take on more business to your daily delivery schedule or make more journeys in a shorter time period. If drivers know they’re being tracked, idle time will be reduced and productivity will go up.

Peace of mind

A vehicle is stolen. It’s the stuff of nightmare for businesses running a fleet of any size. GPS will help you find a stolen vehicle so that you can communicate quickly with the police to locate, and your customers to reassure.

Meet your legal obligations

Simply put, if you have lone workers or staff operating remotely (or in hazardous locations) then you have additional legal obligations to meet. Have visibility of them at all times and protect your most important assets – your people - with GPS tracking.

Lower your running costs

Customers with our GPS products will testify that the expense of installing the system is ‘paid for’ many times over as a result of:

  • Reduced fuel costs –rules are imposed on drivers forcing them to operate the vehicle more responsibly
  • Reduced driver-fault accidents
  • Reduced insurance premiums – GPS tracked vehicles often benefit from discounts
  • Reduced wear and tear on vehicles – some of our GPS products integrate with vehicle analytics, making it easier to follow maintenance schedules
  • Exonerating unfair speeding tickets

Some of the reasons why businesses are using Source Telecom’s GPS tracking solutions:

The decrease in operating costs has resulted in more profitability.

GPS tracking has been useful in resolving customer complaints about what time the engineers showed up and how long they were on site to complete a job.

We don’t need to constantly phone drivers to get a status update of their location; the GPS positional updates are live and in real-time.

To be caught speeding isn’t just reckless but it’s bad for business when word gets out. The tracking system eliminates this risk.

Customers are delighted when we can easily dispatch the nearest vehicle to them by using the live map data.

The drivers are more than happy to dispense with truck log books – they were time-consuming to write up and then the office staff had to take time to actually interpret what the drivers had written down.

Useful links

Working Alone

The HSE’s publication offers guidance on how to keep lone workers healthy and safe as well as explaining what employers need to do to comply with their legal duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

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