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Thursday 28th April 2016

iPhone hacks and tricks

Always a popular post on our social media feeds so we decided to collate our #PhoneHacks into one place.
From time savers to security, there's something here for everyone.

1. Are you that someone who constantly finds useful info then forgets where you found it? Try this out…

2. Tired of scrolling through hundreds of photo see your favourites? Use Siri to take you straight to the photos from a location or date.

3. Save some Maps for offline use - ideal for when you want to save battery or can't get access to WiFi.

4. Get LED notifications - great for when your phone is on silent in a big meeting.

5. Turning on the Guided Access feature in Accessibility can prevent your phone from accidental harm if it ends up in the hands of infants and children

6. Access your Email drafts quicker.

7. Don’t waste time scrolling and searching for an email or note. Use Siri to search. Simply…

Don’t forget to share your #PhoneHacks to Facebook and we'll update the list.

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