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Thursday 25th February 2016

Solution Spotlight: Mobile Device Management

At Source, we provide one of the most trusted MDM solutions to help you manage and secure your mobile assets. Why?

It’s the norm for today’s workforce to connect and collaborate using mobile devices. There are some great advantages for your business too – reducing your costs, and allowing your employees to work productively, flexibly and remotely whilst staying connected to the business. But there are also undeniable security risks. And this is one area where Mobile Device Management comes in to play.

The business scenario

You run a successful medium-sized business. Your employees are based predominantly in the office, but some work from home. You also have an active sales team working a wide geographical area visiting customers/suppliers. All of your employees use mobile devices – tablets, smartphones, etc. – to communicate with you/each other, to process orders, and access customer data.

Now you have a potential security breach, not to mention a spike in costs. One of your employees loses their brand new, work smartphone holidaying in the USA after conscientiously checking-in on his/her work email and updating a customer file.

The telecoms solution

The latest remote technology, rigorous device security, 24-hour helpdesk, and a global tracking facility. AKA Mobile Device Management.

What is MDM?

Simply, it’s the managing, securing, and monitoring of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PDA’s, etc.).

How does it work?

The MDM app is downloaded onto the device and the monitoring begins. The app can be tweaked to suit your company’s mobile policy including limiting data usage by employees (thereby reducing costs) and adding extra security features.

What are the benefits of MDM?

Reduced costs

Installing an MDM solution will allow you to keep track of spending both for usage and hardware. Our MDM solution keeps track of each device, its usage pattern, apps installed, and more.

Businesses can use MDM to monitor and limit data roaming. If your employee takes their business phone or tablet on holiday, you’ll be alerted if a user is travelling internationally so that you can hold down roaming costs.

MDM by its very nature will save your business time. And we all know that phrase “time is money”. Having the ability to manage devices remotely – for pushing apps, installing updates, wiping the contents (if necessary) - saves so much time. A worldwide leader in mobile security calculated that businesses can save 45 minutes per mobile device by implementing MDM. Equate that to the hourly fee you charge customers and multiply it by the number of devices you have and it’s certainly food for thought…

Increased security

Installed properly, the other main benefit is security – enforcing password polices to unlock the phone, preventing data loss or unauthorised use of your company data by remotely wiping that brand new smartphone your employee lost on holiday.

Other benefits include (and are not limited to):

  • Distribute workloads - make it easier for the sales team by pinpointing the locations you want them to go to next on a map and using the MDM app to show them
  • Monitor for inappropriate use – easily review the apps installed on your employees’ devices and remove any that are affecting productivity or bleeding the data capacity.
  • Analyse your real-time call and text traffic
  • If needs must, you can even take remote control of a device.

  • At the end of the day, a mobile workforce pays off in increased mobility and flexibility. But secure, managed mobility will help you avoid even bigger costs.

    Find out more about the range of security options Source Telecom’s MDM solution can offer your business on our mobile device management page.

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