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Tuesday 26th January 2016

Solution Spotlight: Fixed Landlines

There’s plenty to consider if you’re thinking of installing a landline, or switching provider – and I can take away the pain and hassle. We’re already supplying you with mobile solutions – read my rough guide below to help you choose the right business landline, or learn how easy and cost effective it can be when you let Source install, or takeover, your landlines.

Costs, call charges and plans

The first consideration for your business is likely to be “what’s it going to cost?”. The price is largely dependent on the features you need, the type of landline you install, whether you need multiple phone lines, and the level of package you need when it comes to calls (for example, local calls, national calls, international calls, mobile calls, 087 numbers, 0800 numbers, peak calls, and off-peak calls).

My advice: If you make a high volume of outbound calls, save money by tailoring your package to give you discounts on the types of call you make the most often.

Which handset?

The nature and size of your business will dictate what features you need in a fixed landline but handsets these days offer some nifty features that you probably don’t know about (for example, talking caller ID - hear who’s calling from across the room without having to go near the handset!).

Some of the features

  • Multi-line options and landlines that link up to mobile phones
  • LCD displays with changeable font sizes
  • Clarity Ensemble
  • Bluetooth headset for hands-free use
  • Sync the phonebook from your mobile to the memory of your landline phone
  • Visual flashing ringer
  • Built-in power back-up protection, so your landline phone continues to work in a power cut
  • Type of landline

    There are 5 main landline types:

  • Single analogue line
  • Multi line analogue
  • ISDN2e
  • ISDN30e
  • SIP services
  • My advice: Let Source, or your chosen provider, audit your existing line costs and provide evidence of where savings can be made. THEN, get the solution (or a combination) that’s right for you.

    The list can go on…multiple lines, call charge capping, marketing numbers, and more.

    The one that’s right for you will depend on your business needs – for example, if you need more than one line to receive calls, or separate phone numbers for each user.

    Your phone system is integral to effective customer, and internal, communication. Don’t fail because of your fixed landline. When it’s down to the wire, Source Telecom will provide the landline solution that’s right for your business and budget.

    Convenience, efficiency and peace of mind; backed up with the best customer service and technical support.

    Fresh, Simple, Trusted

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